Photography For The Creative Soul

because your story isn't ordinary. And your photos shouldn't be, either.

We totally get it. Finding the right photographer for your wedding or adventurous elopement can be a pretty difficult process. Knowing what to look for can honestly seem a bit daunting. What types of styles are there to choose from? Which specific photography style really speaks to you? How can you be sure you find a photographer who really understands your love story and can showcase it in a way that's true to who you are as a couple? It can be a lot to take in. But here's the thing: we're firm believers that it all really comes down to the way a photographer's images make you feel.

Our mission is to photograph the raw, organic personalities of our couples and give them images that speak to their dynamic and their unique story. Our passion is photographing free-spirited couples and people doing the adventurous things that fuel their lives. We live for couples who are excited about sneaking away to a National Park or one of the many gorgeous places nature has created to say their vows in a place they can call their own: their special spot. We're believers that a wedding day isn't about the beautiful decorations and the perfect cake. Sure, those things are nice, but there's nothing that fuels us more than capturing the connection between two people in love. After all, that's really what a wedding day is all about. While we definitely have a distinct style, we pride ourselves on creating work that is also timeless. We want our images to be something your grandkids look at and think, "dang grandma and grandpa were pretty cool." 




When it comes to engagements, elopements, and weddings, nothing is more important to us than telling your story in an organic, true-to-self way. We're not fans of the overly-posed. When we photograph our couples, we encourage them to play, adventure, and really sink into one another.

This is one of the main reasons we have a special place in our hearts for adventure elopements and intimate weddings. We love couples with a sense of wonder for the world and its amazing landscapes. We adore brides and grooms who aren't afraid to hike miles to get to the perfect elopement spot. And there's nothing that makes our heart sing louder than a couple who's first instinct during a rain shower is to start slow dancing. 



We cannot stress this enough, but portraits are so much more than a simple headshot. And they're more than having you sit all pretty and smile straight at the camera. In our humble opinion, portrait photography has the power to speak a person's soul. Have you ever seen a photo of someone, and just though to yourself, "dang, I feel like know them." It's almost as if you could feel them on an emotional level. That connection and feeling it worth its weight in gold.

That's what a good portrait does. It's so much more than simply documenting a moment or stage in life. It's a person's existence mirrored back at you. And this is one of the very reasons portraits are some of our favorite types of sessions to photograph. 


the blog

Interested in getting your hands on all the resources you need to prepare for your elopement or intimate wedding? Not sure how to plan the perfect outfit for your engagement session? These are the kinds of issues we love chatting about over on the blog. No, this is not one of those photography blogs where all we do is share images of all of our sessions, although we do occasionally do that. We much prefer spending our time sharing useful wedding and engagement resources with you.

Nobody said wedding planning was easy. Even planning an elopement presents its own set of unique challenges. As seasoned wedding pros, we're here to help smooth out the planning process and share some of our top tips and secrets. 

It's About So Much More Than Documenting A Moment


It's about bottling up the emotion and the love two people have for each other and allowing it to be relived endlessly through a photograph. That's the thing we love the most about photographing weddings and adventurous elopements. We don't want to create wedding photos for you that look just like everyone else's, and we don't follow trends for the sake of being trendy. The images we create for each of our couples are a reflection of who they are. Our top priority is to convey your love story, with all of its quirks and details, through our images. We aim to be true to who you are as a couple, and we want to capture the real stuff: the energy between you two, the playful banter, and the in-between moments.



a peek into the soul


Portrait sessions have a special place in our hearts. A good portrait should always make you feel something. It should connect you to the person in the photograph and allow you to catch a glimpse of who they are. Forget the stiff poses and the awkward "say cheese," smile at the camera nonsense. That's not how we roll during our portrait sessions. 



Hey. Hi. Hello.


I'm Sheena Shahangian, owner and lead shooter of Sheena Shahangian Photography. I'm an adventure-loving elopement, wedding, and portrait photographer with an obsession for Chinese takeout, red wine, and pretty much any unusual ice cream flavor I can get my hands on.

I'm a firm believer in photos that capture the soul, and I live for images that ooze raw emotion (forget the awkward, stiff poses you probably typically associate with wedding and portrait photography). I'll have you and your boo running, climbing, dancing, and cuddling up during your session.

There's nothing that gets me more excited than photographing couples who've chosen the non-traditional route for their weddings, whether it be eloping on the edge of a cliff in a National Park or holding an intimate backyard ceremony. I love working with couples who understand that their wedding day is first and foremost a reflection of their love, and that it shouldn't have to be dictated by the traditions and expectations of the wedding industry. After all, the real magic happens when you feel in your element on your wedding day.

Scroll on down to catch a glimpse of me in some of my favorite places on earth with my sweet husband, Ed. If you can't already tell, we're suckers for a good adventure.