California born. Georgia grown. Colorado living. World traveling.


Oh, hey there beautiful! I’m Sheena, a destination elopement, wedding, and portrait photographer based out of Boulder, Colorado. Moody lighting, red wine, and traveling the world are my love language. I'm also a self-proclaimed foodie, so if that sounds like you, I have a feeling we'll get along perfectly!

When I’m not shooting, you can find me hiking with my husband, Ed, and our two pups, Abby and Zari, or curled up in an artsy coffee shop with a good book, a latte and a cozy sweater. I'm an adventure-loving, mountain-chasing dork who's pretty much always itching to plan my next road trip. 

I adore photographing creative and free-spirited couples and individuals. For me, there is no greater compliment than hearing from my clients that I was able to capture their soul, passion, and sense of adventure in my images, and I pride myself in doing just that: taking killer photos in killer places. Sound like we're meant to be? Let's make some photographic magic together!


P.S. We travel (duh!). We absolutely love destination weddings and elopements, so if that's you, let’s explore the world together! We also have a Travel Bucket List with the places we would love to shoot at, so if your wedding or elopement takes place in any of these places, we have a deal for you. Interested in an adventure? Drop us a line, and we’ll make it happen.


Our Kind of Bride

There’s something to be said for the bride who isn’t afraid to get her dress dirty. Who lives for exploring the woods and dancing outside during a summer rainstorm. Who loves evenings spent circled around a campfire just as much as she enjoys mornings spent curling up with a warm blanket and a coffee in hand. There's something to be said for the bride who understands that it’s not about having the perfectly planned wedding day, but rather having a day that perfectly represents who she and her love truly are.

These are the brides we absolutely adore. They’re not afraid to wander and to take the path less traveled. They appreciate that their wedding day should be uniquely theirs and never dictated by what others expect of them. They don’t let trends define them. In fact, they’re usually the ones setting the trends. That's our kind of bride.

Brands + Features

We've been lucky enough to have had our photography work featured and published internationally, from wedding publications to various feature pages and brands. Here's a quick list of some of the awesome publications, pages and brands that have showcased our images:

Visit Colorado

BRASH Coffee

Read Shop by the Merchant

Cooks & Soldiers

Jo David by JD Noble

Rocky Mountain BrideWhite MagazineAdored BrideIvy & AsterWedding Pioneer ColoradoThe Portrait ProjectSister Photog Community

Happenings on the Blog

Hey You, Let's Get Social.

There's nothing we love more than connecting with you guys. We're firm believers in the importance of connection and putting in the work to be a part of our community. So it goes without saying that we'd love to meet you guys on Instagram. Don't be a stranger! Come say hi. Extra points if you comment your favorite type of wine on any of our photos. We can't wait to be a part of your journey.