The Many Sides of Sarah | Part 1

Oh man guys, Sarah's shoot just makes me so so so happy. This girl is truly something special. A little backstory: when I meet with my clients I ask them to define themselves in a few words. As someone who prides herself on being a photographer of the soul, this is the first step to me really breaking down what makes my clients who they are. When I asked Sarah this question, the first words out of her mouth were "quiet and shy."

After I've gotten my clients to give me an idea of who they think they currently are, I then ask them to describe the person they aspire to be. Do you picture yourself as the next Olivia Pope, taking Washington, D.C. by storm? Tell me that! Or do you see yourself as alluring and unapologetically bold like Lana Del Rey? We all have the person people expect us to be. The version of us that they are used to seeing on a daily basis. What I want to see is the person who you would choose to be like if nobody placed any restrictions on you. This is the person I aim to bring out in the photos we take. 

When I ask this question, my clients usually look at me with a confused expression on their face. So I give them a few moments to really ponder the question and dig deep. I want to know about the person you imagine you are when society's expectations are nowhere to be found. In essence, what does your spirit desire to be? When Sarah responded to my question, she told me she aspired to be confident and decisive. GOLD.

Sarah knew that beneath her "quiet" and "shy" side, there was a bad ass waiting to come out, and man did she show up in a big way on the day of our shoot. We were able to capture both her quiet side and also her girl boss side! This girl is so amazing, and I couldn't be more blessed to have been able to capture her in her element. People are multi-dimensional beings, and it's our job as photographers to showcase that. Part 2 coming soon!