Sunrise Photo Shoot at Arabia Mountain | Libby Cleaves | Part 1

It seems like every photographer in Georgia at some point has complained about how the terrain in the southeast just can't beat the west coast. After all, we don't have deserts with mesmerizing cacti stretching for miles, like you see in southern California. Our trees have an almost neon green/yellow hue instead of the deep forrest green you see in the woods of Oregon. And our version of a "hike" leaves a lot to be desired compared to what you might experience in the North Cascades.

But the funny thing is Georgia has managed to pull the wool over our eyes. We have an awesome place too. One that can even compete with the best of the west coast photo shoot spots. What is this magical place, you ask?

Arabia Mountain. When you're at Arabia Mountain, it's almost like you're walking on Mars. The granite ground stretches for hundreds upon hundreds of feet, and the trees are far and few between. I guess you could say it's Georgia's version of the west coast, and I absolutely love it.

This shoot was my second time photographing model Libby Cleaves, and we both figured Arabia Mountain at sunrise would be the perfect spot. Needless to say, I walked away from this photo shoot as giddy as a kid in a candy store. Libby is always such a joy to work with, and every time we shoot together I always know the result will be better than I could have ever imagined. Part 2 of this shoot  will be coming soon. There were too many photos that I liked so I'll be splitting them out into two different blog posts :).

P.S. I love photographing fellow creatives, so if you're a model interested in setting up a shoot, let's get in touch!

I love photographing fellow creatives. If you're a model interested in setting up a shoot, let's get in touch!