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Cam and Bree’s Mt Rainier National Park Elopement | Washington State Elopement and Adventure Wedding Photographers

Oh man, Cam and Bree’s Mt Rainier elopement…where do I even begin with these two?! We first met Cam and Bree last summer, when Bree (who’s also a fellow adventure wedding photographer) reached out to me about a meetup while her and her new boyfriend Cam were out in Colorado. What started out as a fun afternoon taking adventure photos of the two of them and hanging out in the late summer sun turned into the most amazing friendship with two people Ed and I have the honor of calling our best friends.

Ed and I were the first people to photograph Cam and Bree as a couple. They had just recently made their relationship official, and we had the honor of documenting this awesome time for the both of them. On the drive down to meet up with them, Bree was texting me excitedly, telling me how they’d just said “I love you” for the first time. This stranger, whom I’d spoken to for only a couple weeks leading up to the day was all of a sudden sharing so much of her life with me, and I loved every minute of how open and honest she was. She shared about her sweet little son, Beckett (who’s now basically my favorite human alive). And she shared the hilarious story about how Cam sparked the first conversation with Bree from an insult she made about “small town boys” while he was walking behind her at a wedding (which Cam couldn’t help but chime in, since he’s a small town guy himself and had to stand up for himself).

In the months that followed our little meetup and adventurous couples shoot, Bree and I spent waaaaay too many hours on FaceTime, going back and forth chatting about everything from all natural beauty products to photo editing to which lanterns are the best for camping trips. I remember the day Bree told me that her and Cam would love to have me be their adventure wedding photographer, when the day came. No date yet, or anything. Just a thought put out into the universe. Let’s just say, we all had no idea that day would be right around the corner.

Well, fast forward to late December: Ed and I were sitting at Whole Foods, snacking on some late night Mochi ice cream when Bree messaged me asking to FaceTime. Nothing out of the ordinary, I thought. We chat all the time, so I had no idea anything was up. I told her I’d call her back once we got home.

Man, was I in for a surprise. Bree, with an excited spark in her voice, told me that Cam and her wanted to have an adventurous mountain elopement THIS SUMMER, and they wanted to bring us along to Washington state to do it. Now, at this point, I’d already spent hours upon hours scoping the trails within a few hours of Seattle, and I already knew the perfect spot for them to have their Washington state elopement. We decided on Mt Rainier National Park, by a little alpine lake that is basically overflowing with wildflowers during the late summer months. We chatted for hours about logistics and what they wanted their Mt Rainier elopement day to look like. For the next several months, we went back and forth planning timelines, arranging travel, getting the necessary national park elopement permits, and finding the cutest A-frame cabin for them to get ready in.

If y’all know anything about my husband Ed, you know he’s the master of cracking dad jokes, and Cam and Bree can’t get enough of them. So they actually asked him to be their officiant on their Mt Rainier elopement day. I just about died when Bree told me that, after they got their photos back, one of their friends had asked how they managed to get Jesus to officiate at their adventure wedding (peek Ed’s long brown hair and full beard in the ceremony photos and you’ll see what they mean).

Y’all. This elopement day couldn’t have been more amazing. These two got up a couple hours before sunrise to get ready in their cute little A-frame mountain cabin right outside of Mt Rainier National Park. We drove to the trailhead in the park, where they had their first look on the most gorgeous bridge, surrounded by wildflowers on every side. The alpine lake where they had their elopement ceremony was steaming and fogging up at the surface, making for the most ethereal vibe while they said their vows. And to make it all even better, Mt Rainier was just hanging out right behind the lake, an ever-present witness of this moment.

ALSO, cutest news ever! A few weeks before they flew out to Mt Rainier National Park, Cam and Bree found out they were pregnant! They’d been hoping the timing would work out for them to have a kiddo soon, and it absolutely did. And they were even able to get an ultrasound with the little one before flying out, so we were able to sneak in some photos with those later in the evening.

After the Mt Rainier elopement ceremony, we all made our way back to the A-frame, where these two had a little non-alcoholic toast on the back patio, hung out on the awesome little white Jeep they rented for the week, and made some brunch in the cabin kitchen. Once we wrapped up the mountain cabin festivities, we all made our way out of Mt Rainier National Park and back to Seattle for some pizza and ice cream in the evening. You guys, the pizza place we went to had live chickens, and they let Cam and Bree feed them. I’ve gotta say, photographing an eloping couple feeding chickens is definitely a first in my book. Best. Day. Ever. Y’all are just going to have to see it to believe it…

First Look in Mt Rainier Amongst The Washington State Wildflowers

It’s official, Washington state may be the most magical place for wildflower sightings. Let’s just say Cam and Bree’s first look basically felt like it happened in the most enchanted little mountain forest imaginable. Damn it, Mount Rainier National Park, you’ve outdone yourself yet again.

Also, take a peek at the steam coming up from the lake. So wild. With Washington elopements, you never really know what you’re going to get weather-wise, but the conditions on Cam and Bree’s Mt Rainier National Park elopement day couldn’t have been more epic.

Mt Rainier Elopement Ceremony Beside An Alpine Lake

Guys, it really doesn’t get any better than this ceremony spot right here. The water on the lake was still enough to give us a beautiful reflection of Mt Rainier. I mean, is there really any better witness to your adventure elopement ceremony than the mountains? I think not.

These two had us smiling and crying during their vows. Seeing Ed officiate also made me a bit of an emotional mess. Guys, I gotta give my hubs a little shoutout: he KILLS IT as an elopement officiant.

Mt Rainier Post-Elopement Couples Photos By A Mountain Lake

As the sun continued to rise, the mountains put on a show for us, glimmering in the summer sunshine. I loved capturing these two in their element…just being them on their adventure wedding day. No pressure to mingle with guests, follow traditions they didn’t feel resonated with them, or any of the other things we’ve heard couples tell us time and time again they don’t care for. These two truly got to customize their day to suit their preferences and needs. Is there anything more fulfilling to have on your adventure elopement day than that?

Toasts and Jeep Hangouts at the A-Frame Mountain Cabin Outside Mt Rainier

After spending the early mornings in Mount Rainier National Park, we all made our way down the mountain so we could continue the celebration at Cam and Bree’s absolutely ADORABLE A-frame cabin rental. They popped some champagne (non-alcoholic for Bree and baby!), danced on the balcony, and snuggled up on the roof of their Jeep.

Getting Cozy For Homemade Brunch in the Washington Mountains

After spending most of the afternoon in their adventure elopement attire, Cam and Bree swapped out their wedding clothes for something more comfortable to cook up some brunch in the cabin kitchen. These two could not have been any cuter while prepping bacon, eggs, and the most delicious coffee you can imagine.

Celebratory Post-Elopement Pizza And Ice Cream in Seattle

After we wrapped up brunch, we all hopped into the Jeep, left the cabin, and made our way through Mt Rainier National Park and back into Seattle. We all grabbed a much-needed post-adventure elopement nap, and then headed out for pizza and ice cream to celebrate these two. Bree swapped out wedding dresses to something a little more casual for pizza and ice cream, because who says you can’t have two wedding dresses on your adventure elopement day?!

Also, huge shoutout to Humble Pie in Seattle for not only having some of the best dang pizza ever, but for also giving Cam and Bree the crazy experience of feeding chickens on their elopement day.

I can’t get over how cute these two were feeding each other pizza and dancing to the live music in the middle of the restaurant while everyone around them faded away. We polished off our pizza with the some of the most delicious ice cream Seattle has to offer: Salt & Straw. I’ve said it a million times already, but the thing that I love the most about adventure elopements is that couples can totally make their day feel like them. You can elope in a national park in the morning and spend the afternoon hanging out in the city in the evening. Your adventure wedding day can look however you’d like it to, traditions be damned. If something in the wedding industry doesn’t feel like it’s your style, forget about it, and redefine your adventure wedding or elopement. This is your day. It should feel like you.

P.S. As adventure elopement and adventure wedding photographers, we pride ourselves on not just documenting your national park elopement or small mountain wedding, but helping you plan out all the little details as well — like helping you figure out the perfect time of year for your Washington state elopement.

Sure, we pride ourselves in taking killer photos of killer people in killer places, but we’re firm believers that your adventure wedding photographer should be so much more than that. They should be a resource and guide to you during the whole adventure elopement planning process. So if that sounds like your vibe, we’d love to chat with you about your dream adventure elopement.

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