Our Top 3 Tips For Planning Your Colorado Adventure Elopement

Things to Consider When Planning Your Colorado Elopement | Colorado Adventure Elopement Planning and Advice

If you ask us, Colorado is one of the best places in the country to plan your adventure elopement. With more 14ers than any other state, 4 national parks, and landscapes ranging from desert to mountains, adventure is literally around every corner.

As Colorado-based adventure elopement and small wedding photographers, we’re constantly staying up to date on cool places for our couples to tie the knot, and there’s nothing that gets us more excited than helping them plan out their adventure elopement day. So if you’re considering eloping in the great state of Colorado, we have a few helpful little tips for you.

Consider One of Colorado’s National Parks For Your Adventure Elopement

Colorado is home to some of the US’s most beautiful national parks, and for couples looking to get married here, we love recommending national park elopements. There are four national parks in Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, and Mesa Verde National Park. Each park has its own distinct vibe, and none of them are even close to looking the same.

With a Rocky Mountain National Park elopement, you can expect the quintessential Colorado mountain view (but be aware that if you choose to elope here, you’re limited to designated adventure elopement ceremony locations).

Opt for a Great Sand Dunes National Park elopement and you’ll have the country’s tallest dune as a backdrop for your wedding, along with a desert landscape that stretches for miles outside of the park on one side, and the peaks of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains on the other. We personally adore Great Sand Dunes — partly because it’s where we had our own national park elopement, and partly because it’s just a killer spot that’s more of a hidden gem compared to the super busy Rocky Mountain National Park.

We could go on and on about each park, but the point is that each park is vastly different from the others — each with its own distinct landscape — giving you plenty of options, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

Consider A Self-Solemnized Adventure Elopement (No Officiant Required!)

Colorado is one of a select number of states that allow you to get married without an officiant (aka “self-solemnize”). This is especially awesome for couple who want a super intimate adventure elopement with the minimum number of guests possible. Basically, when you pick up your Colorado marriage license, you and your boo will make sure to sign as witnesses for your own elopement. Pretty dang cool, huh?

Consider What Type of Landscape You Two Vibe With

One of the great things about Colorado is the vast number of landscapes you can choose from. In the northern Front Range, you’ll see towering mountain peaks emerging from behind the rolling foothills in the foreground. Go to Aspen, and you’re pretty much in the thick of the Rocky Mountains. And then drive straight down 25 to southern Colorado and you feel like you’re in the middle of the high desert, with open expanses of road and tumbleweeds as far as the eye can see.

Contrary to popular belief, Colorado is not all snowy mountain peaks (in fact, most of eastern Colorado is plains!). There’s a wealth of unique landscapes couples can choose from for their adventure elopement, so give a bit of thought into what specific landscape speaks to you. From red rocks, to canyons, to deserts, to the alpine tundra, to open plains: Colorado literally has it all.

P.S. As Colorado elopement and intimate adventure wedding photographers, we pride ourselves on not just documenting your elopement or small adventure wedding, but helping you plan out all the little details as well, like finding the best spots for your national park elopement. Sure, we pride ourselves in taking killer photos of killer people in killer places, but we’re firm believers that your adventure wedding photographer should be so much more than that. They should be a resource and guide to you during the whole adventure elopement planning process. So if that sounds like your vibe, let’s chat!

Sheena Shahangian is a Colorado and Asheville, North Carolina based adventure elopement and intimate, small wedding photographer living in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We primarily serve couples looking to elope or marry in the western United States (Colorado, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, Wyoming, Montana, and beyond), as well as a select few eastern states (North Carolina and Georgia). We love serving couples who’ve chosen to do their own thing on their wedding day, whether that’s eloping in a National Park or having an intimate backyard ceremony in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We’re here to make your adventure wedding photography dreams come true.