Wandering Through Athens, Georgia | Portraits of Victoria

There are some people that come into your life and wind up defining the human being you become. Victoria is one of those people. We became friends when I was in the sixth grade. A point in my life when I felt awkward and uncomfortable in my own skin. I was constantly surrounded by other girls who seemed to have it all together. They had the perfect wardrobes, the perfect friends and the perfect lives. 

But here I was: this weird girl who hadn't quite figured out her style and who feared that she was just a little too odd to fit in. Meeting Victoria, though, was such a breath of fresh air. She was quirky just like me, and she totally rocked it. As our friendship bloomed, I recognized that my oddities weren't something I should run from, but rather something I should embrace and share with the world. 

The lessons I've learned through our friendship have impacted my relationships with the people I know and care about, and they've had a massive impact on my art. They push me to photograph my subjects at a deeper level than what we see on the surface, allowing me to into the soul of the person in front of my lens. The biggest compliment I've received from my clients is that I've captured the essence of who they are with my photographs, and I honestly owe that to Victoria. She allowed me to see life beyond the surface. And now I'm honored to share the these photos of her amazing soul with you.