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Candace + Roshan’s Waterfall Adventure Session In The Appalachian Mountains

There’s something truly magical about Candace and Roshan’s waterfall adventure session. Maybe it’s the fact that we found this enchanted little spot in the middle of the Blue Ridge mountains, tucked away from civilization. Or maybe it’s how freaking adorable they look getting into the blue-green water and playing around. Either way, we’re obsessed. These two have such a special little story. They met in college, over 7 years ago, and have spent a good chunk of their relationship managing things from a distance. After graduation, Roshan had to move back to Malaysia for a bit, while Candace stayed in her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. But they were finally reunited when Roshan came back to the states for grad school, and now these two are soon to be married!

The day of their waterfall adventure session, we drove several hours into the Blue Ridge Mountains, meandering through winding mountain roads and passing cute local wood-working shops on our way. After a little bit of a hike into a canyon, we came across this gorgeous waterfall, cascading in front of a jagged rock wall. Honestly, the color of the water and the sound of the falls were too hard to resist. Next thing we knew, these two had jumped into cold mountain pool, swimming around and snuggling with each other. Like for real, can we talk about how these two look like they came straight out of a romantic novel?!

One of the things we love most about these types of adventure sessions and outdoors engagement sessions is the sense of adventure they spark in our couples. At the heart of any adventure session is this idea of getting out and getting moving. Adventure sessions are not about stiff “prom poses” and overdone, cliche shot lists. They’re about the connection between a couple and the way they interact with each other. Whether it’s an engagement session in the mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina or an adventure session on an alpine mountain pass in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, there’s nothing we love more than capturing our couples in their element.

Oh hey, you! Are you as in love with Candace and Roshan’s mountain waterfall adventure session as we are?! Well if this kind of adventure sounds like your vibe, give us a shout. We love helping our couples plan out their adventure sessions and adventure elopements, in Asheville and beyond. We’re there to help you with all the little details, from finding hidden hiking trails to locating the best mountain overlooks to watch the sun set after saying your vows.

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