Getting Featured in White Magazine | Nick + Christina's Industrial Atlanta Engagement Session

As a wedding photographer, there are certain moments you keep on your bucket list and do everything in your power to make happen, like shooting an elopement in the desert sands of Morocco or getting to speak at a workshop. And when they happen, they become total "pinch me" moments. You almost can't even believe they've happened. Well, I am so so so proud to announce, we've accomplished one of the top items on our bucket list this past week: our work was published in one of our absolute favorite wedding publications: White Magazine.

Let's just say that White Mag is one of those wedding publications where some of our favorite photographers (those that we've looked up to for years) get their work published. It's the one of the dream publications. Having our work sitting up next to some of our absolute favorite wedding photographers seems almost unreal, and I don't think it's fully sunk in just yet. But I wanted to share this moment with you guys, because I also think there's a really important story behind it.

The thing is, this moment didn't come easy for us. In the process of achieving this success, we've also been presented with countless more moments when things didn't go right; when we faced rejection time and time again. And that's ok. It's all part of the process of being a creative individual, or really any kind of individual in pursuit of a dream.

Oftentimes, all we see are the good things in people's lives. We all want to share when we accomplish our goals and get what we want. But the problem with that is that it encourages those who are beginning the same journey we've been doing for a while that success should be immediate. That any failure you have is an indication that you're not good enough. But there couldn't be anything farther from the truth.

It's inevitable. When you're pushing to accomplish something great, you're likely going to struggle a lot before you begin to flourish. The good things in life are hard for a reason, and if you really, truly want them, it's your duty to keep trying, even when it feels like nothing is working.

Now I am by no means an expert on how to craft your dream life. It's something that I'm still trying to learn how to do. But the one thing I do know is that some of my greatest dreams have come true from not allowing my failures to stop me from picking myself back up after the fall. I'm beginning to get to this point in life where my failures excite me, because they're usually an indication that I'm on the right path.

So if you've gotten this far in the post, just know that whatever's got you down right's probably there for a reason. It's testing you; determining how much grit you have. Are you willing to push through?

P.S. If you haven't already, go check out our feature in White Magazine. We honestly couldn't be more proud to have Nick + Christina's engagement session out there for people across the world to see. Seriously, no one pinch me. I don't want the joy of this moment to ever fade.

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