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We totally get it. Finding the right photographer for your wedding or elopement can be a pretty difficult process. If you're not a photographer yourself, knowing what to look for can seem a bit daunting. What types of styles can you choose from? Which photography style really speaks to you? How can you be sure you find a photographer who really understands your love story and can showcase it in a way that's true to who you are as a couple? It can be a lot to take in. But here's the thing: we're firm believers that it all really comes down to the way a photographer's images make you feel.

Our mission is to photograph the raw, organic personalities of our couples and give them images that speak to their dynamic and story. If we could describe our photography style in a few words, we'd say we're moody-bright with a playful yet editorial look. While we definitely have a distinct style, we pride ourselves on creating work that is also timeless. We want our images to be something your grandkids look at and think, "dang grandma and grandpa were pretty cool." 


Weddings + Couples

When it comes to engagements, elopements ,and weddings, nothing is more important to us than telling your story in an organic, true-to-self way. We're not fans of the overly-posed. When we photograph our couples, we encourage them to play, adventure, and really sink into one another. We love couples with a sense of wonder for the world and its amazing landscapes. We adore brides who are not afraid to hike miles to get to the perfect elopement spot. And there's nothing that makes our heart sing louder than a couple who's first instinct during a rain shower is to start slow dancing. 



We cannot stress this enough, but portraits are so much more than a simple headshot. And they're more than having you sit all pretty and smile straight at the camera. In our humble opinion, portraits have the power to speak a person's soul. Have you ever seen a photo of someone, and just though to yourself, "dang, I feel like know them." It's almost as if you could feel them on an emotional level. That's what a good portrait does. It's a person's existence mirrored back at you. And this is one of the very reasons portraits are some of our favorite images to photograph.


Oh Hey There!

So glad you stopped by. I'm Sheena Shahangian, owner and lead shooter of Sheena Shahangian Photography. I'm an adventure-loving elopement, wedding, and portrait photographer with an obsession for Chinese takeout, red wine, and pretty much any unusual ice cream flavor I can get my hands on.

I'm a firm believer in photos that capture the soul, and I live for images that ooze raw emotion (forget the awkward, stiff poses you probably typically associate with wedding and portrait photography). I'll have you and your boo running, climbing, dancing, and cuddling up during your session.

As someone who's sometimes a little scared to be in front of the camera, I get it: being photographed can be a little nerve-wracking. Which is why it's my highest priority that you have fun during your session. And something I've consistently noticed with my clients is that fun photos make for the best photos. No, I don't mean making goofy faces at the camera (although we can definitely sneak a couple of those in). I'm talking about the images where you two are in your element, active, and enjoying life almost as if I'm not even there. That's when we get to the good stuff. 

Love Letters from Our Clients

Sheena is truly an impressive photographer to work with. From the very beginning, she was so professional and provided resources and helpful tips to make the shoot go even smoother! The direction that she gives is incredibly thoughtful and you can feel that she really cares about each and every aspect of the shoot. She is brilliant in terms of trying new concepts and making you feel like you are creating something amazing together - and she delivers times 1000! The result was a set of photos that I can add to my portfolio and reference professionally. Not just that, but now I know who to recommend for every occasion. Amazing!
— Libby C.
In all seriousness Sheena and Ed are the hardest working people I know. A lot of people with the amount of talent they have would settle for just being awesome, but these two take it that step further that most people are too afraid to take. They live the awesome. They are 100% committed to living, breathing and improving on their awesome. Whatever comes through that lens, you can be sure they put their entire heart and soul into it.
— Christina + Nick
Where to begin? Sheena is an absolutely amazing photographer and an even better person. Working with her was truly a joy. As someone who has absolutely no experience in front of the camera and in some cases is quite self-conscious about my appearance, it was great to work with Sheena because she met me where I was. She not only takes the time to learn about who you are and what aspects of yourself you are trying to portray through your shoot, but she also takes the time to address your physical insecurities, making sure that she poses you in ways that are flattering, give you confidence and allow you to see yourself differently. Sheena really does have an eye for photography and telling your story through pictures. I feel that through time we are all put in a box and Sheena allows you to see yourself outside of that box. In turn, that allows the world and others can see us in that way as well. My time working with Sheena was amazing! She is so professional and her work is high quality. You definitely get what you pay for and even more when you hire her. I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!
— Sydney U.

Something Tells Me We'd Be The Perfect Match

Don't believe the rumors. Your photographer is so much more than a service provider. If there's one thing we pride ourselves on at Sheena Shahangian Photography, it's that each and every client of ours has become a friend in the process. And it truly is so important to us that we become the perfect pair: the maple to your bacon, the wine glass to your Olivia Pope. Why? Because raw, authentic photos don't come about from being photographed by a stranger. Nope. The best photos are taken when the subject feels their most comfortable, and that's exactly what we aim for. During the process of working with us, we dig deep to really get to know you and your story, because we know that without the story we cannot capture the soul. Think we'd be the perfect pair? We would absolutely love nothing more than to hear from you. 

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There's nothing we love more than connecting with you guys. We're firm believers in the importance of connection and putting in the work to be a part of our community. So it goes without saying that we'd love to meet you guys on Instagram. Don't be a stranger! Come say hi. Extra points if you comment your favorite type of wine on any of our photos. We can't wait to be a part of your journey.