Photography For The Couple Who Wants to Do Things Differently

because your story isn't ordinary. And your photos shouldn't be, either.

We totally get it. Finding the right photographer for your intimate wedding or adventure elopement can be a pretty difficult process. Knowing what to look for can honestly seem a bit daunting. You’re probably facing countless different photography styles, package options, and timelines. How can you be sure you find a photographer who really understands your vision and love story and can showcase them in a way that's true to who you are as a couple? It can be a lot to take in. But here's the thing: we're firm believers that it all really comes down to two key things: the way a photographer's images make you feel and the experience they can deliver to you.

Our mission is to give our couples images that speak to their chemistry and their unique story. We understand that not every couple’s love is the same, and our photos should always be a reflection of that. But we’re so much more than photo takers. We’re helping you craft your elopement or intimate wedding day timeline, texting you back and forth about which outfits to wear during your engagement session, and we’re constantly on the front lines hiking our way through the mountains to find you and your boo the best spots to elope.

We're believers that a wedding day isn't about the beautiful decorations or the perfect cake. Sure, those things are nice, but, in our humble opinions, there’s nothing better than capturing the connection between two people in their element. After all, that's really what a wedding day is all about. We pride ourselves in taking killer photos of killer couples in killer places. And our photos will allow you to relive that adventure long after your wedding day is done.




When it comes to engagements, adventure elopements, and intimate weddings, nothing is more important to us than telling your story in an organic, true-to-self way. We're not fans of the overly-posed. When we photograph our couples, we encourage them to play, adventure, and really sink into one another.

This is one of the main reasons we have chosen to specialize in adventure elopements and intimate weddings. Our couples tend to love crazy landscapes, from mountains to deserts to oceans. Many of them get a kick from hiking miles to get to the perfect elopement spot. We’ve noticed that for many couples, the only way for them to really feel like themselves on their wedding day is to have an adventure elopement or intimate wedding. So if having fun and letting go is a priority on your wedding day, something tells me we’d be a great match.



Getting your portrait taken should not feel uncomfortable. If there’s one thing we hear most from our clients, it’s how surprised they were by how much fun they had during their portrait session. We’re tired of hearing stories about people getting their photos back from a photographer and not really seeing themselves in them. Frankly, that’s just not okay.

When we take your portraits, we always make sure to have a personal conversation with you about who you are and who you aspire to be. We take all of that into account when we take your portraits. If your pictures don’t look and feel like they have your soul in them, then we haven’t done our jobs right. We apply the same philosophy with portraits that we do with intimate weddings and elopements: no two photo sessions should ever be the same. Each person is unique.


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