Client Testimonials

For us, photography is so much more than simply documenting an experience or life occasion. It is about expressing the essence of the souls we photograph. One of the most common themes that reappears when we speak with our clients post-shoot is that we were able to capture a side of their personalities that they didn't even know existed. Nobody is one-dimensional, and we are here to show you that. Read on below to see what a few of our lovely clients had to say about us.

Sheena is truly an impressive photographer to work with. From the very beginning, she was so professional and provided resources and helpful tips to make the shoot go even smoother! The direction that she gives is incredibly thoughtful and you can feel that she really cares about each and every aspect of the shoot. She is brilliant in terms of trying new concepts and making you feel like you are creating something amazing together - and she delivers times 1000! The result was a set of photos that I can add to my portfolio and reference professionally. Not just that, but now I know who to recommend for every occasion. Amazing!
— Libby C.
Not only is Sheena really talented but she also is a lot of fun to shoot with. She also is really helpful and there for you if you have any questions!
— Sarah U.
Where to begin? Sheena is an absolutely amazing photographer and an even better person. Working with her was truly a joy. As someone who has absolutely no experience in front of the camera and in some cases is quite self-conscious about my appearance, it was great to work with Sheena because she met me where I was. She not only takes the time to learn about who you are and what aspects of yourself you are trying to portray through your shoot, but she also takes the time to address your physical insecurities, making sure that she poses you in ways that are flattering, give you confidence and allow you to see yourself differently. Sheena really does have an eye for photography and telling your story through pictures. I feel that through time we are all put in a box and Sheena allows you to see yourself outside of that box. In turn, that allows the world and others can see us in that way as well. My time working with Sheena was amazing! She is so professional and her work is high quality. You definitely get what you pay for and even more when you hire her. I cannot wait to work with her again in the future!
— Sydney U.
Words almost fail me. After working with Sheena twice now I have been amazed and then stunned all over again. The sense of professionalism and comfort she maintains effortlessly is felt throughout the entire shoot process. She pays such close attention to your personality and the details that matter to you and matches that with her beautiful artistic vision to bring to life portraits anyone would adore. Working on a shoot with her from start to finish is a comfortable and dynamic environment where she creates truly talented art. She’s constantly pushing herself to grow as an artist and it reflects in the high quality of work she puts out. Sheena helped me fall in love with myself from a whole new perspective free of negativity and bursting with creativity. A true joy to work with and amazing quality photography.
— Aidan H.
It’s not even the fact that Sheena’s photos speak for themselves in their artistic excellence...what really meant the most to me in working with Sheena to create such beautiful artistic expression is her character that she brings to the table. Sheena knows her vision and is so dedicated and driven - she will work hours into the night and work obscene hours to finish a project, all with that smile on her face - but she never lets her subject feel this. When you work with Sheena, you are getting a deluxe resort service catering to your every need, your every shortcoming in confidence. Her patience is unheard of, she is so refreshing in every way. She doesn’t just get the job done - you set on an artistic journey of self discovery with Sheena. Right when you doubt yourself and aren’t sure what to do, Sheena pulls you right back down to Earth with reassurance, and you both refocus towards your goal you are trying to accomplish together. Sheena is a rare soul that knows how to find the beauty in the madness of life, and capture it in photography. She is able to show the unseen depths of a person’s soul through her own art medium. Her work is so powerful - I was lucky enough to work with Sheena and experience it first hand.
— Victoria K.

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